Happy dogs make happy humans.


We love it when our customers take their own time to express what Dog Days means to them and the positive effect we have had for their pets. Please take a moment to peruse what our awesome family members have to say about us. We wouldn't be what we are today without each and every one of them, both human and canine!



"Dog Days Daycare is a wonderful place to leave your bestest best friend when you can't take him or her with you. We adopted our first dog last year. There are places we go where we simply aren't able to take our Abby. We visited many kennels and were just not comfortable with the idea of having her spending time in a cage or paying extra for having her exercised. 

When we contacted them, we were told by Robin, that our dog had to have an in-home "audition" to make sure she was a good personality fit for the no cage environment at Dog Days. Robin visited my home and after about a 30 minute visit told us we can take the next step and leave Abby for a half day. We did and we've not ever looked back. Abby fit right in with the other dogs and enjoys her time in the large house with expansive yard, running and playing. She's simply exhausted when we pick her up. 

We've used DDDC services for quite a few full day and overnight stays and the experience has always been first rate. The staff is attentive and caring. We've utilized their grooming services and have all good things to say about the quality of the services. 

You won't be disappointed, if you use DDDC."

-William R.



"First time customer and will be using them for all my dog grooming needs from now on! I am one very satisfied customer and my dog was extremely happy when I picked him up and and dropped him off!"

-Tara Duprez



"Onyx loves it at Dog Days! He can't wait to get out of the car and play with his friends! He went to training there when we got him 7 years ago and has gone ever since! We board him at Dog Days too. I love that it is cage free and the dogs are never left unattended. When I am going to be out for an entire day I bring him there and take advantage of the" trans-pet-ation". "

-Diane McDonald



"I work from home, but especially in the winter I hate to go out for a good walk. I love the fact that I can do half days and she comes home exhausted! I have also used the transport services when I had to travel for business for the day prior to them opening for drop off. Caboo (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) waited eagerly and as my neighbor described it, she came out of the house and jumped into the van like a child going to school! 

Thank you to the wonderful staff! I know she is in good hands!"

-Denise Mitterando



"Our Sam, a 7-year old shepherd husky rescue, is quite the diva, and Dog Days is the only daycare for her. She has severe separation anxiety, so finding a daycare center that fit her needs was a challenge when we adopted her over 6 years ago. The staff at Dog Days are knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive, and Robin knows how to accommodate her so she feels comfortable. There is also a consistency of staff over the years, which is always a good sign.

Another huge bonus is that Sam is still clean after a day of play - unlike other dog daycares that are basically mud and dirt pits, the premises consist of a house converted for dogs, complete with a yard, turf outdoor play areas, and a "ruff house" - a warehouse style turfed room for the larger dogs. There are no crates and dogs are supervised 24/7. The cleanliness of premises saves me a bunch of money on baths and grooming, while still giving Sam the play and socialization aspects of daycare. 

Did I mention that Robin is my version of the dog whisperer!? Sam loves her. Bottom line, we don't trust anyone else with our dog. 

I highly recommend this place!"

-Tara Z.



"We love Dog Days because of the love and attention my crazy Dunkin receives when being cared for by them. Robin and her staff really know and care about dogs and this is reflected in their approach and attitude with the dogs and their owners. Patience, understanding, fun, and love all are received when a dogs spends a day, night or just visits at Dog Days.

Thanks for being so special with our loved dogs."

-Debbie Youngerman



"To say Raleigh adores his time at Dog Days is an understatement! His crying from excitement starts the moment our car pulls into the driveway. We know Raleigh is well taken care of, looked after, played with and LOVED while he is at Dog Days, either for his weekly daycare visits or when he boards.

The environment is high quality, well maintained and very safe for all types/breeds/ages of dogs. His grooming is always thorough and performed by skilled individuals and he always looks adorable afterwards!

Thank you always for taking such wonderful care of our fur-child."

-Denise B.



"We are in love with Dog Days and if anyone asks to speak to a family that are current clients, please feel free to give our names. Dog Days has been a life saver for us!

From day one, our boxer Lucky has been in love with everyone at Dog Days! As soon as she gets into the car, she assumes that we are taking her to Dog Days, when we pass the street, she cries to make sure we know that we missed the turn! She comes back to us completely exhausted from an entire day of working out with the staff and the other puppies.

Most recently, when our son was born, Dog Days came to our rescue and picked up Lucky (on very short notice) and took care of her while we were at the hospital! Thanks Robin and all the Aunts, Uncles and Friends at Dog Days!" 

-The Abrahams



"We are so glad we met Robin and her staff at Dog Days Daycare, they demonstrate professionalism, patience, warmth and attentive care to their canine visitors small or big…We liked the screening process including the visit at home to meet with our dog and us, it made us feel safe sending our toy poodle there after that.

We also appreciate to receive update information on our dog’s behavior and socialization skills given with kindness and honesty as she adjust gradually to her second home. It feels so good to know that you are taking such good care of her. Thank you!"

-C.D. Pennington



"My dog Milo just loves Dog Days Daycare, I had to get into the habit of taking his harness of outside the door because once I open the door to go inside all he wants to do is go play and I have no shot of getting him to sit still. It's one of his favorite places, he just loves to go and play with all the other dogs there."

-Cheryl Fine



"Robin, Jim and all the Staff at Dog Days are wonderful!!! I know that they love my Bruiser because he is just as excited to see them as they are to see him!!! He knows as soon as we turn onto Roycefield where we are and all he can do is whine and whine until he is inside seeing all of his friends K9 and human."

-Ashley Lesnever



"My dog Sammy absolutely loves coming to day care. I can barely contain him on the way there. Everyone takes such good care of him and treats him as their own. I have complete confidence in the staff to care for my dog as I would. While enjoying day care, Sammy can also get a wonderful grooming. He was happy and that made us happy and he looked good in the process. Thank you for running such a well-kept and dog-friendly establishment that I can feel comfortable leaving my dog."

-Carrie Feeney



"I have brought my Bichon Snowflake there for only a hair cut but I felt very comfortable with the whole staff, you really care about the dogs that come there like they are your own children. I have recommended you to a lot of my friends for boarding and haircuts. I hope to board snowflake in the future, I believe you give the dogs the most comfortable type of atmosphere around. I have searched other boarding places in the area and have only felt the most comfortable with yours. Thanks for all the caring you give to the dogs.

Keep up the good work."

-Cheri Moran



Some of the most caring, loving people I have ever met. An amazing place that Oscar loved to go to for almost 10 years! HIGHLY recommend.

-Amy Barra



Dog Days Daycare is amazing!!! The facility with numerous indoor and outdoor areas is phenomenal! Robin and all of the staff members are friendly, professional, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. King had his assessment today. The tour, information provided, attention to details and genuine care of each animal was impressive! The proactive feedback about King's assessment was helpful and much appreciated. I look forward to work with Gail, the expert trainer, to help King be his greatest, happiest self! I'm excited to bring King to Dog Days for day camp fun and feel confident he'll have the best care when he boards there during my business trips. Thank you!!!

-Kate Marasco



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