Matti th' dawg bah-bah.



Well hey howdy hey everyone.

My name is Matt Blair and I am the groome..., I mean, dog barber here at Dog Days. I've been grooming now for a little over 10 years now and love the work I do so much!

I'm originally from Piscataway, New Jersey and lived in Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2010. I attended Drexel University in Center City to study architectural engineering and later went on to become a furniture finisher for 13 years.

I just needed to work with my hands!

I started my grooming education in 2003 at The Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Fairview, New Jersey. I enrolled in and completed their full 600 hour program to earn my diploma in animal arts. I had to work full time in those years, so I could only attend classes every Saturday. While most students went everyday for 6 months to earn their diplomas, it took me almost two and a half years to earn mine. But the quality of education I received there was second to none and well worth the time and mileage!

Although I can groom any breed of dog, I specialize in breed standard trims with emphasis on the Sporting and Terrier groups. I love taking a big ball of fluff and fur and transforming it into the trims typically seen in the show ring. Getting as close to the breed standard as laid out by the AKC is my ultimate goal for every standard trim I groom.

I'm also a bit of a web and tech geek, so that makes me the defacto I.T. guy, social media guru, and website developer extraordinaire around these parts.

Don't be shy. Stop in and say hi anytime! I'm always in the Barker Shop to answer any questions you may have.

You can't miss me.

I'm the one with the big red beard.