Our Peace of Mind program.


As pet care service providers our highest priority is the health and well-being of your dog. While at Dog Days your pet receives the highest level of care. In the past, if your dog were to become ill or sustained an injury during his/her stay with us, we would have the dog treated by a veterinarian at your cost. Now, with our "Peace of Mind Program", while your dog is in our care we will have him/her treated by a veterinarian for any illness or injury, usually at no charge to you.

There is an annual cost of $20 per dog for this mandatory program (cash or check only). If your pet becomes ill while in our care, we will transport the dog to a veterinarian of our choice (the dog's own vet whenever possible) for treatment. Dog Days Daycare Center will absorb the cost of the initial treatment, plus any equipment or medications prescribed, up to a total cost of $1,000 per occurrence.


Example 1

Fido is with us for a day of daycare and four month old Fluffy grabs Fido's ear with her sharp puppy teeth, resulting in a tear in Fido's ear. We would immediately take Fido to the vet for treatment. Dog Days Daycare would pay up to $1,000 to have Fido's ear cleaned, sutured, and for the prescribed antibiotics, painkillers, and Elizabethan collar. Since the charges would be less than $1,000 there would be no cost to Fido's owner, nor to Fluffy's owner even though she caused the damage during play.


Example 2

Rover is boarding with us for the week. After dinner one evening we notice that he is bloating (a painful twisting of the stomach which is an extreme emergency). We whisk Rover off to the emergency vet where he immediately receives treatment, including the surgery his owner approved by phone to untwist the stomach. Rover survives the bloating episode with successful surgery and will still need a few days of hospitalization. The final bill will be more than $1,000. Dog Days will pay the first $1,000 of Rover's treatment and the owner will pay the rest.


We think you will agree that our "Peace of Mind Program" is well worth the $20 annual cost.

Be advised that the program is not, and should not, be construed as pet insurance, nor insurance of any kind.