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Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions. We have answers.


As thorough as we have tried to be in outlining our policies, procedures, and services, there's always that one pesky question that slips by us. 

Hopefully we can... ahem, shed some light below.





+ Why does my dog have to be interviewed?

The interviews are for your protection as well as for the protection of the staff and other dogs at the Daycare Center. Our two phase screening process helps to determine if your dog is a good fit for daycare (enjoys being around other dogs and people), allows us to understand your expectations and address any concerns, provides us with the opportunity to observe your dog in its home environment, and gives you and your dog the chance to explore Dog Days Daycare Center before making a commitment. Dog owners, our staff, and the dogs themselves must all be comfortable with the Dog Days Daycare Center concept and environment.

+ What if my dog doesn't pass the screening interview?

Not all dogs should or would enjoy attending Dog Days Daycare Center. If your pet does not enjoy the company of other dogs or tends to snap at strangers, he or she is probably not right for dog daycare. There are lots of reasons or behaviors that would make your dog a poor match for daycare. However, some of those reasons or behaviors may only be temporary and we may be able to find solutions. Remember, we love dogs and want them to be happy attending Dog Days Daycare Center. As long as safety is not jeopardized, we’ll work with you to accept your dog.

+ Why does my dog need to be neutered/spayed?

Dogs who are not "fixed" will probably not do well in a setting where most dogs are. Simply, because they smell very different than those dogs who are neutered or spayed and will become the center of attention in a pack setting. Those dogs may feel picked on or receive far too much attention for their comfort level.

+ My dog is not neutered but he’s really well behaved. Can he still attend daycare?

Sorry, no. Intact males and unspayed females smell different. Other dogs will often single them out and treat them poorly by picking on them or not allowing them to interact with the group. Also, accidents can and do happen and we can't make any exceptions to our policy. Remember, puppies can attend daycare up until they're seven months old and ready for spaying or neutering.

+ Will the dogs be separated by sex, breed, size, age, etc…?

Yes and No. Aside from using the residential building for puppies, small, timid, special needs, or older dogs and the larger rear building for the large breeds and more energetic pets, we generally take our cues from the dogs. If the larger dogs in the group are playing too rough for the smaller dogs (it's usually the other way around!!), they'll be separated. If everyone plays well together, there's no need for segregation. All dogs always have the option of moving to a different area of the facility (inside or outside) if they choose. Staff will be constantly monitoring the activity of the play groups and will intervene if play becomes too intense. Members of the play groups can be rotated so all the dogs in the group are compatible at any given time. Because of our policy that all dogs must be spayed or neutered, there's no reason to separate the dogs by sex.

+ Could my dog get sick from another dog?

Most diseases your dog could contract in a daycare setting are prevented by keeping your pet up-to-date with vaccinations, worming, and flea/tick prevention. Through familiarity and observations, the staff will generally notice when a dog is not feeling well. He can be quarantined and sent home. You may want to talk with your veterinarian for more information.

+ My dog has to take a single pill three times a day. Will you give it to her?

We will gladly dispense your pet's medications provided we have the veterinarian's written instruction on the medications label stating the dosage and time of day it should be given.

+ Should I bring my dog's food or toys?

This isn't a good idea. Dog's are generally too distracted and excited to eat while at daycare. If your dog is boarding or "must" eat while at daycare, he will be fed privately and watched closely for any signs of bloat. Your dog may be very territorial about "his" toys and the risk for a potential altercation will be increased.

+ Why do you have two seperate addresses?

Our daycare facility was once a two family home. Each family had its own address. Both numbers go to the same place though!




+ Can my dog stay at Dog Days Daycare Center while I attend an out of town wedding next weekend?

Yes, absolutely! A limited number of guests can be accommodated overnight in the Dog House (the residential building). The dogs are supervised and never left alone. After the daycare dogs are gone for the day, your pet can wind down and relax. Dinner is served privately so there will be no tension among the group over food territory. In the evening, the staff and dogs all enjoy some quite time… watching TV, listening to music.… just like home. After the final 10:00 pm outdoor potty break, the lights are dimmed so everyone can sleep comfortably on their choice of beds in their own semi-private room. Staff continues to monitor the dogs through the night.

+ How fast do your sleepover spots fill up?

Hillsborough Township permits us to board only a limited number of pets everynight. Once we are at capacity, no more boarders are allowed. If you require sleepover accomodations with us, it is best to let us know as far in advance as possible. Major holidays and the summer vacations are when our openings book the fastest... any time students are off from school.




+ How long does grooming take?

There are many factors which may contribute to answering how long it will take to groom your dog. Factors such as coat condition, temperament, health issues, styling requirements, and scheduling times all contribute to the answer. Typically, dogs who are here first thing in the morning get done the fastest. If your dog does not sit still or requires an extra set of hands, is in poor health, or whose coat is in poor condition (matted and knotted), then the groom will take longer. Our goal is to have all dogs done within a 4 hour time frame, or sooner based on how busy we are that day. Average time is approximately 3 hours. Customers should make the groomers aware ahead of time if there are time constraints. We will do all we can to accommodate you and get your pet back during the time requested. We will call or text you as soon as the grooming is complete. We kindly ask that you please not come for pickup prior to your pet's grooming completion, your pet will hear or smell your presence and it will become difficult and/or dangerous to continue the grooming process because your dog is so excited to see you.

+ Do you offer de-shedding (Furminating)?

Sure do! The de-shedding process essentially involves a specialized shampoo to help your dog’s coat loosen up to brush out easier, a high velocity drying process, and the use of a de-shedding tool (most commonly referred to as a Furminator). This process is an a la carte item that is added to the cost of the base groom for your dog. The process is based on a 50 dollar per hour rate. So, for example, if you have a Golden Retriever you would like to de-shed, the price will be the cost of the groom plus however long it takes to remove the dead coat that is left behind after the drying process. When using the de-shedding tool, the process generally takes about 30 minutes. The de-shedding process, which if used every 4-6 weeks, reduces shedding by 60%-80%. It removes the pet's undercoat (which is what sheds) and leaves the pet's top coat looking normal and healthy, not like a shave down.

+ Can I watch while my pet is being groomed?

Again, unfortunately no. It is our experience that having the owner present for the grooming process actually increases the dog's anxiety and makes the process more difficult and much, much more dangerous. Dogs become very excited when they see their owners. With so much activity and excitement there is a risk of being injured. Groomers use many sharp tools while styling, and pets that move around on the grooming table are at a higher risk of being accidently cut. Please do not be offended if your groomer informs you that you or your children cannot be in the shop or stand outside the window while the grooming process is taking place. The safety of your pet and our groomer is the highest priority.

+ How often should my dog be groomed?

We recommend every 4 to 6 weeks for most breeds. Shorter coated dogs such as boxers and labs should be bathed every 6 to 8 weeks.

+ Can I have my pet washed in my own shampoo?

We are happy to use any medicated shampoo given under a vet’s direct orders. However, we will not use shampoos brought in by the customer that we are not familiar with. We cannot vouch for the ingredients used in shampoos you bring in. Using unfamiliar shampoos may subject your dog’s skin to irritation and other skin related problems. We have been using only Tropiclean shampoos and conditioners since we opened in 2005 and have several formulas on hand at all times to accommodate your needs, including hypoallergenic and non-fragrance shampoos. If you have particular questions or concerns about what shampoo your dog needs, we will be happy to discuss all available options with you.

+ Can I have a tour of your shop?

Are you kidding me? Absolutely! Just ask and we’d be happy to give you the nickel tour! We’re very proud of our Barker Shop and love to brag about it!

+ What days and hours do you offer grooming?

We are currently grooming 5 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and offer flexible hours to fit your schedule. We try to get most dogs in before noon for their grooms, but if you need a later appointment time we can work with you. We are typically booked a week out, so please allow for a few days.

+ Can my dog play in daycare after or before their groom?

Our daycare facilities are offered only to our customers whose dogs have gone through our screening process. Without the screening process, unfortunately, your dog will not be allowed into our daycare rooms. If, however, your dog is screened, he or she will be more than welcome to play in daycare at the half day daycare rate of $25. This is what we typically refer to as a “Spa Day”.

+ Are appointments needed for nail cuts?

Nope. Just come on in during our business hours. After 9 am and before 2 pm is best.

+ Will my dog be exposed to other dogs?

No more so than at any other grooming salon. If you're dog has not been screen for our daycare services, he will never be exposed to the dogs in our daycare facility. He will simply stay in our Barker Shop.

+ Do you accept tips?

Surely do!

+ Can you administer medications to my dog before or during grooming?

No. All medications must be administered by either the owner or vet prior tp grooming.

+ Can you do "standard" trims like I see on dog shows?

You've come to the right place for standard grooms. Our lead groomer, Matt, specializes in breed standard cuts that come as close as possible to the standards laid out by the American Kennel Club.


Online Account/Customer Portal


+ Who can set up an online account?

Once your pet has been approved for our daycare and boarding services, you may then set up your online account. If you will only be using grooming services, you may set up your account after your first appointment and we have your information stored in our system.

+ How do I set up my account?

Visit our account setup page to learn how. It's easy!

+ What information will I need to set up my account?

Once all of your information has been entered into our system, all you will need is the email address you selected to be associated with your account.

+ What if I forget what email account I am using?

No problem. Just contact us and we will let you know what email we have on file.

+ What options are available in my customer account?

Plenty! Once you are logged in, you can do things such as request boarding and grooming reservations, request trans-pet-ation pick-up and drop-offs, pay your bill, update your pet's information, upload photos and vaccination records, see your purchase history, view past and upcoming scheduled services, update your credit card information, purchase daycare and trans-pet-ation packages, check package balances, and review and sign updated owner agreements. You can also see when your pet's vaccinations are about to expire.

+ Why should I store my credit card information in my account?

Lets face it, when you come to check out your pup, he or she is always super excited to see you. You can avoid the hassle of having to swipe your card every time and sign a receipt. Just pick-up your bud and we can charge the card on your account. A receipt can then either be printed for you or emailed. All credit card information is fully encrypted and once entered, not even we can see it. Super safe!

+ Do I have to set up an account?

Nope. Not at all. The online account is there for your convenience. We can still handle all of your information manually.

+ I have tons of passwords to remember already. What if I forget my password?

Just click the Client Login button or tab on our homepage and enter your email to reset your password. Check your spam folder if you do not receive it right away.

+ I'm never in front of a computer. Can I access my account from my smartphone?

That's the best part. Your account will be smartphone optized automatically for easy navigation and data entry.