Owner Agreement


Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C. agrees to exercise due and reasonable diligence in the care of your dog and in keeping the facility properly enclosed and sanitary. Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C. is fully insured, and all dogs are cared for by Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C. staff without liability for loss or damage from disease, theft, fire, death, escape, injury or harm to persons, other dogs, or property, or for other unavoidable causes.

The owner of the dog agrees to indemnify Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C., its staff and agents against any claims made for losses or damages of any kind suffered as a result of any acts by his/her dog or as a result of his/her failure to inform Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C. of any pre-existing condition or disease the dog may have.

The owner of the dog agrees to take full responsibility for taking precautions against contagious illness and parasite exposure by consulting their own veterinarian, and accepts all reasonable risks of injury incurred in normal daycare and boarding activities. The owner also agrees to take full and financial responsibility for any damage or injury caused directly by the behavior of his/her dog to another dog, person or property.

The owner of the dog understands and agrees that in admitting his/her dog to Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C., the staff has relied on the owner’s representations that the dog is in good health and has not harmed nor shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or other dog.

In the event of an emergency, Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C. staff will first attempt to contact the owner, followed by attempts to reach the emergency contact person designated. Contact with the owner’s designated veterinarian may also be made. If circumstances are deemed such that immediate medical treatment is necessary, Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C. staff retains sole discretion in determining the need for emergency treatment, without liability.

Owner agrees to pay a mandatory sum of $20 annually (on the anniversary of the first payment) to Dog Days Daycare Center, L.L.C. In consideration of such payment, should there be a medical emergency whereby Owner’s dog becomes ill or injured while at Dog Days Daycare Center, the dog will be transported by Dog Days Daycare Center staff to a veterinarian for treatment. Payment for the initial treatment, prescribed medications, and equipment provided by the veterinarian in the treatment plan will be paid for by Dog Days Daycare Center up to a maximum of $1,000 per occurrence. This plan, known as the Peace of Mind Program, should NOT be construed as insurance.

The owner recognizes that there are inherent risks of illness or injury when dealing with animals, and that dogs in the care of Dog Days Daycare Center are commingled. Such risks include, but are not limited to, nicks, cuts and scrapes due to the nature of the way dogs play, sore paws and muscles and canine cough.

All daycare and boarding charges are to be paid in advance. The owner understands that a $35 charge will be assessed for returned checks. Reservations are required. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice and “no shows” will be charged full fees. The owner hereby agrees to the terms of this contract and recognizes that the provisions of this contract are binding on both parties.

The owner certifies that he/she is the owner of the dog being cared for by Dog Days Daycare Center, has read and understands the terms and conditions of this agreement and by initialing each paragraph, acknowledges acceptance of the terms and conditions.