Hours of operation.


Our doors are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 7am to 8pm sharp. Pick-ups and drop-offs, however, are allowed only during certain hours.



7am–12pm sharp



7am- 8pm sharp


All dogs must be dropped off by 12pm and picked up no later than 8pm with no exceptions. Picking up or dropping off after these times would be disruptive to the pack and wouldn't allow the dogs to remain at a consistent energy level throughout the day and night and would be disruptive to their play and sleep cycles. I you are not able to pick up your dog by 8pm, we'll find something for him to eat, tuck him in for the night and see you the next day. The sleepover rate is $30 plus tax.

The owner, Robin Blair (who also sleeps at the daycare center with the dogs every night), is available just about anytime during the day via phone.

But even humans need to sleep so be sure not to call too late!



So? Think your dog would be a great fit for daycare?

Give us a shout and we'll get the tennis ball rollin'!