+ Can my dog stay at Dog Days Daycare Center while I attend an out of town wedding next weekend?

Yes, absolutely! A limited number of guests can be accommodated overnight in the Dog House (the residential building). The dogs are supervised and never left alone. After the daycare dogs are gone for the day, your pet can wind down and relax. Dinner is served privately so there will be no tension among the group over food territory. In the evening, the staff and dogs all enjoy some quite time… watching TV, listening to music.… just like home. After the final 10:00 pm outdoor potty break, the lights are dimmed so everyone can sleep comfortably on their choice of beds in their own semi-private room. Staff continues to monitor the dogs through the night.

+ How fast do your sleepover spots fill up?

Hillsborough Township permits us to board only a limited number of pets everynight. Once we are at capacity, no more boarders are allowed. If you require sleepover accomodations with us, it is best to let us know as far in advance as possible. Major holidays and the summer vacations are when our openings book the fastest... any time students are off from school.